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WELCOME TO TBRS.TK (Powered By XR-Gaming)

Welcome to TBRS.TK The Best Role Play Sever (Powered By XR-Gaming).

Since we open earlier this year we have had our up's and down's with diffrent game modes, diffrent admin/mod's ect. We have a range of faction in which to offer you to join to make the most of your gaming time.

LSPD is our most popular faction with an over staffing issue is now under new command. This means LSPD will no long be accepting applicants untill issues are sorted.

Most of our members speak english, Anna_Williams can speak russian for those of you who dont understand english well. 

What sets us apart from other role play servers? We
have better roleplay ethic, and much better jobs to offer. We have a wide range of mafia and gangs in which the police are always keep very busy.

Want a list of all our factions and Jobs we offer? Please view our fourms for offical jobs.

We hope you will enjoy playing on our server, We look forward to seeing you.

Server IP:

TBRS and XR-Gaming Admin team